Financial Assistance

Clients routinely find themselves in a position of needing valuation and advisory services that are determined by independent and objective professionals. Whether one is negotiating value in a business or personal situation, our experience will assist you in moving towards a sound financial decision. A business valuation is equally useful in effective functioning of the management and acts as a tool assisting owners in assessing success and management effectiveness. Here we assist with the following:

1. Preparation of Project Reports & TEVs

2. Loan arrangement – CC limits, Term loans & Project financing

3. Due Diligence for finance including business models, that include the below salient features:
a)Agreed upon fit-for-purpose structures
b)Simple and straightforward formulas
c)Integrated controls and key output error checks
d)No hard coding
e)Sufficient independent quality assurance
f)Catchy presentation format

4. Valuation of shares