Indirect Taxes

Indirect Taxes (Excise Duty & Custom Duty) include the below advisory:

Excise duty Custom duty
Excise Registration Export-Import Code
Assistance in Classification,
valuation, duty liabilities analysis
EXIM related advisory services
Excise Audit Credit facility for export from Banks
Representation before authorities Advisory on Foreign trade policy
Central excise duty
risk management
Reply to show cause notices
& Legal representation
Tax Risk planning Assistance in getting
clarification from CBEC
Assistance in CENVAT Credit  
Preparation of notict  
Assistance in getting clarification
from CBEC
Filing of periodical returns
and remittance of tax dues
Minimization of tax exposure,
structuring business transactions
Reply to show cause notices
& Legal Representation 

Indirect Taxes (Service Tax & VAT) include the below advisory:

Service Tax VAT
Registration under Service Tax VAT Registration
Consultancy for maintenance
of proper records
VAT Audit
Consultancy for proper accounting
for Service Tax
Return Filling
Consultancy on various issues
relating to Service Tax
Advisory services in VAT Rules,
Procedures, Refund, etc
Compilation of data of Cenvat credit  
Assistance in availment of
notified Abatements
Utilization and availment of
service tax credit in accordance
with the Service Tax Credit
Rules, 2002
Computation of Service tax payable  
Preparation and filing Returns  
Getting assessments done