Professional Charges for few basic services:

# Service Fees
1 Registration of charge Rs.2,500/-
2 Search Report Rs.3,000/-
3 Forms certification Rs.2,000/
4 Form filing Rs.2,000/-
5 Maintenance of records /minutes Rs.5,000/- p.a.
6 Secretarial Audit Rs.7,500/-
7 Annual Filing of financial statements Rs.5,000/-
8 Preparation of notices, Director’s Report Rs.2,500/-
9 Preparation of Annual Return Rs.2,500/-
10 DIR-3 Rs.1,250/- (per director)
11 Preparation of petition before RD Rs.12,500/-
12 Name approval Rs.1,500/-
13 Company Incorporation Fee Rs.6,000/-
14 Enhancement of Capital Rs.4,000/-
15 Issue of capital in private placement Rs. 4,500/-

Start Up Advisory

The Firm provides legal support service for start-ups across India. From determining when and how to set up a company, to negotiating co-founder agreements or employee agreements, and determining equity for employees, we help the entrepreneurs to find solutions to legal issues faced by start-ups.

1. Legal documentation – Safeguarding Interests as the game begins : Documentation is essential for every company. Issues may arise if the work is not done through a proper channel on black and white. Taking the time to get the paperwork in order, ahead of time pays off big as your company grows, so it is an absolute must that one gets all of the initial legal work correctly pulled together. This includes offer letters, confidentiality agreements, option agreements and, most importantly, the initial customer and supplier contracts.

a) Structuring:
a) Incorporation and all related registrations
b) Founder agreements
c) Advisor agreements
d) Shareholder structuring
e) Transfer pricing
b) Licensing Agreements
c) Company Policy
d) Privacy Policy
e) Funding rounds/ risk analysis
f) Distribution Agreement
g) Non-Disclosure Agreements
h) Employee Agreements
i) Franchisor- Franchisee Agreements

2. Trademark Registration – It is important for start-ups to patent their innovation, copyright their logos, trade names, etc., before someone steals it. An idea does not last long in the market and someone else might come up with the same in some time. Caution is better than Litigation. Important facets being:

a) Patent, Trademark & Copyright search
b) Drafting
c) Worldwide filing
d) Defending in India

3. Defining terms of Service – Some people never pay much attention to legal disclaimers / terms and conditions of service. Terms of service, disclosure and privacy policy are important, not only to protect the company but also the customer. We now use Snapterms which provide the legal documentation you need to protect your company from litigation by clearly spelling out rights and responsibilities of each party. Key areas include:

a) Service agreements
b) License agreements
c) Subscription agreements

4. Tax Policy – Before establishment of a company, it is important for every entrepreneur to take note of State tax policies

5. Labour compliance – Every state has a different set of labour laws which an entrepreneur should take note of